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Characteristics and application of electric heating tube

Author: Pv:799 Time:2021-01-30

What are the characteristics of electric heating tube? The characteristic of the electric heating tube is that the surface of the electric heating tube is not charged when it is electrified. Due to the structural characteristics, the metal tubular electric heating tube has many advantages over other types of electric heating elements. For example, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low material consumption, low cost, long service life, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, saving electric energy and safe use. It can be bent into various shapes. It is portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and has a wide range of uses. It is especially suitable for portable household electric heating appliances.

After a long time of application practice, metal tubular electric heating tube has achieved good results in the following industries and equipment.

(1) Used for drying wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, etc.

(2) Melting and heating of nitrates and other salts.

(3) Melting low melting point alloy, such as lead melting furnace, tin melting furnace, etc.

(4) Building heating.

(5) Heating of moving air and still air.

(6) Infrared radiation heating device.

(7) Low temperature electric furnace, such as industrial electric furnace with air circulation, electric oven, etc.

(8) Heating device for oil, water and other chemical liquids and electroplating bath solution.

(9) Seawater electric distillation unit.

(10) Heating device for alkali and acid.

(11) In the food industry, it is used to bake all kinds of bread, cakes, cakes, and flow shop. It is used as an electric heating device in the tunnel.

(12) Plastic products processing forming extrusion device and rubber products molding vulcanization device.

(13) Medical and health equipment in the factory, such as equipment, equipment, etc.

(14) Motor vacuum impregnation equipment, such as heating, enameled wire drying device.

(15) In daily life, all kinds of household electric heating appliances, such as electric stove, electric oven, electric rice cooker, electric frying pan, electric frying pan, electric iron, etc.