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   Yangzhong Nuobei Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the guide industrial zone of Yangzhong City. Since its establishment in 2006, under the correct leadership of the superior party committee, it has thoroughly implemented the scientific outlook on development, and made every effort to build the development strategy of implementing and integrating electric heating resources and creating one-stop service. After several years of hard climbing, with the support of various purchasers and the care and help of many experts and friends in the industry, we have achieved a satisfactory development.

  1、 Company size:

  The company covers an area of about 10200 square meters, with a building area of about 8000 square meters, including a comprehensive building, a R & D center, a canteen and two workshops. The company mainly produces electric heating appliances and heat exchange equipment, and provides sheet metal and machining. At present, there are more than 100 employees, including nearly 20 engineering and technical personnel.

  2、 Construction and operation of the company:

  The company started construction and reconstruction at the old site in March 2010, completed the plant in April 2011, and officially put into operation in the new plant in May 2011.

  3、 Company production equipment and technology:

  The company through the introduction of advanced production equipment technology and process of digestion, absorption and innovation, the products have won the evaluation of the majority of users. The imported production equipment includes: powder filling machine, laser marking machine, single column hydraulic press, hydraulic sheet bending machine, hydraulic pendulum shear, 12 section pipe shrinking machine, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Tianrui handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Composition Analysis Software v1.0, pipe shrinking machine, semi-automatic peeling machine, sand blasting machine, laser cutting machine, water cooler, cabinet air conditioner, portable cryogenic liquid storage system Tank, low temperature liquid storage tank, detection multi-purpose cabinet, ZX table type milling and drilling machine, table type tapping machine, pipe bender, open fixed table press, zx50f milling and drilling machine, open tilting press, withstand voltage tester, insulation resistance tester, leakage current tester, multi-channel temperature tester, digital display push-pull meter, geley inverter welding machine, electric blast drying oven, permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor Machine, mesh belt continuous high temperature atmosphere protection furnace, spot welding machine, insulation resistance meter, touch screen salt spray testing machine lx-160, double column tensile testing machine lx-1023, convenient X-ray machine hb-jc10, safety performance comprehensive analyzer lk1851tg, Hikvision H16 thermal imager infrared thermometer H16, slide rail workbench, three-phase voltage regulator tsgc2j-80kva, withstand voltage tester zhz8 (5kV) 100 mA), insulation resistance tester zc93-3, DC resistance tester ab2516, high resistance meter pc40b, electric heating tube fault voltage tester (main pipe) zhz8, comprehensive safety performance tester zhz94 (AC-DC no open), 1.8 * 1.6 * 2 m in lead plate protection room, pipe shrinking feeder (with test) tl-597 / 2 m, automatic peeling machine with rubber plug tl-103b / 2 m, automatic rod cutting machine Tl-600 / 2m, automatic single U-shaped pipe bender customized 2m, automatic 12 powder feeder pipe diameter 12 * 2.5m, automatic polishing machine tc-6m, touch intelligent cutting machine, etc. Most of the equipment is purchased again after the reconstruction of the plant, which has a high degree of precision and modernization, including the production process of all tubular electric heating elements. Other processing industries include shearing, folding, punching, turning, drilling, milling and all kinds of welding. In the production of electric heating appliances and heat exchange equipment, the company ensures that most of the accessories are produced by itself, which plays a key role in quality control and prevents quality problems caused by unqualified external processing accessories.

  4、 Main products of the company:

  The products of the company mainly include: electric heating pipe, heat sink heat pipe, circulating heater, drying duct air duct heater, air heating box, preheating box, steam radiator, steam coil, PTC heating element and various induction control boxes. Products are widely used in chemical machinery, textile, railway, train, rubber and plastic, medical, electric power, food, household appliances, boilers and other fields.

  The company can "tailor" the required electric heating products for customers, and provide reasonable configuration design scheme to meet the needs of different customers; provide technical training, door-to-door installation, commissioning and maintenance services, strengthen after-sales service, the company has a strong, professional after-sales service team, equipped with technical testing equipment, set up a service hotline, and strictly follow the quality standards for after-sales products Test and maintain the quality system standard.

  Our company adheres to the enterprise concept of "integrity, responsibility, CO creation and co prosperity", strives for innovation by science and technology, firm quality by profession, creates brand by integrity, seeks development by quality, and creates value by service. We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all walks of life for common development! All staff of Yangzhong Nuobei Electric Co., Ltd. will serve you wholeheartedly!